Cypress Tree Removal

Are your Cypress Trees dead or have dieback?  They may have Canker Disease.  The dieback is now quite common in trees  in south and west Gippsland, the Mornington Peninsula and the Western District.

The DEPI have found trees affected by various fungal pathogens, in particular cypress canker (Seiridium species), but also Botryosphaeria, Phomopsis and Pestalotiopsis species.

These fungi can all cause dieback symptoms, especially when environmental conditions have placed trees under stress. They are a mixture of primary pathogens (which can attack intact plants) and secondary pathogens (which usually attack plants at sites where another infection already exists).

DEPI believes that the last drought weakened the cypresses and left them vulnerable to infection. Disease development has also been favoured over the past 12-18 months by waterlogging and/or warm, humid conditions in some areas.

Cypress Canker is the most significant of the pathogens currently affecting exotic conifers in Victoria. Unfortunately there is no proven cure for this disease.  It is recommended that effected trees be removed and burnt.

Impala Plant Hire are the CANKER KILLERS, we’ll sort them out for you. 

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Plant Hire & Machinery

Impala Group Plant Hire & Machinery have a large range of Caterpillar Machinery and an array of attachments as follows:

12m3 Mack Tandem Tipper
10,000 ltr Mack Tandem Water Cart complete with batter sprays, dribble bar and water cannon hose
12 Ton 312D Caterpillar Excavator
5 Ton 299C Caterpillar Pozzi-Trak Loader
1600 mm Tilt Mud Bucket
480 mm Digger Bucket
6 Way Hydraulic Bulldozer Blade
4 in 1 Bucket
Auger Drills - 230mm,300mm,450mm,600mm
4m3 Agg-Flow Sreenings Installation hopper
Dual Level Laser
Excavator Ripping Tine
2.4 x 2.4m Smudging bar

We are fully insured in all areas and all operators have current White Cards and operators tickets.

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24/7 Pull-outs & Emergency Recovery

This is a 24/7 service which Impala Group offer with their 12 ton Caterpillar Excavator and 5 ton Pozzi-Trak Loader. We will get you out of a spot of bother whether it be a rolled truck, a spilt load or if you're buried in a winter bog.

We can even re-load palleted loads. Being located in Eastern Melbourne Region, local areas will benefit from our on call response.

Here, a truck has overturned spilling it's load of wheat and we clean up the spill with our Pozzi Track quickly and efficiently.


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Underground Water Tank Installation

Impala Group Plant Hire are able to dig for installation of underground water tanks. We prepare the base and install ready for connection by your plumber


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